Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Simple verse canvas

For my first project I have chosen a very simple canvas with a Bible verse (or quote ) and a very simple flower embellishment.

First we need to collect our supplies :- a small (5x7") mounted canvas (which I have lightly inked in a light green and blue), mod podge (adhesive & sealant), double sided tape, alphas stickers of 2 different sizes, 2 large fabric flowers, a smaller flower and a spiral paper clip.

Place one of the large flowers on top of the other but not quite centred so the flower behind peeps out a little. Cut them down the centre of the top one, adhere together using a small piece of double sided tape. Fold the smaller flower around the cut edge, adhere with tape. Attach the spiral clip over the folded flower. Adhere your completed flower to the left side of your canvas using mod podge.

Using a pair of tweezers begin to arrange your alpha stickers on your canvas. I have chosen to use a variety of basic grey alpha stickers but this would work just as well with all of the same stickers. Or if you have a die cutter cut your own letters and use those.

once you are happy with the placement of your letters remove one line at a time and apply a light coat of mod podge then replace each word.
I used Carolees creations tiny letters and numbers for the "Philippians 4:4".

Once you have finished give a final coat of mod podge to seal your canvas. to avoid getting mod podge on your flower lift the petals carefully.
Here is our finished project. I have chosen a bible verse but this would work with any favourite quote.

here is another of my canvases using another of my favourite Bible verses.

Flowers and mod podge are available at Dragonfly scrapbooks
Enjoy trying this fun project & please leave me a message and a link to your blog if you have made it so I can check it out.